Rules Of The Game

Limited Edition Artist Book

Peachey and Mosig, 2018
Rules Of The Game

We are Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig. We live and work in a small town in the Blue Mountains area of Australia often in collaboration with our two sons, Sascha and Jack Mosig. Together we use the process of field studies and play to look at human / environment relationships in a variety of ways. We use photography, video, sound, sculpture, textiles and found objects to document and convey our ideas.

This book is an overview of an ongoing project about the nature of play that we have been immersed in for the past two years. We are interested in play because it’s joyful, because it stimulates the connection of new thoughts and because it is a practice that links humans regardless of where they are from, even though the expression and form it takes will be guided by circumstance.

Our particular interest in play came together with a residency in 2016 at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) in Berlin, Germany. The work from that residency is documented here along with an overview of our process, other peoples perspectives of our work, an essay on the history of the playground form and an essay on the importance of play. Also documented is the exhibition, Out of Bounds, a group show curated by Rachel and presented in 2018 at the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery. Lastly there is a curatorial essay by Izabel Galliera which outlines the project, Subversive Play, an exhibition of international artists working with play in various political contexts, presented at Structura Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

We hope that as well as being an interesting insight into our practice this book provokes the reader to think about what play means to them and what it means to us as a society if we don’t create the conditions for it to thrive.

The book is a signed, limited edition run of 125 copies total. Printed in Melbourne by Print Together. The book is A4 100 pages, 170gsm silk art + 400gsm cover. If you live locally, email us here to arrange purchase in person at our studio.

The cost is $50AUD + shipping. There are currently 62 copies remaining.

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