Out of Bounds

May - July 2018
Blue Mountains City Art Gallery

Field Studies Katoomba Showground  The sudden surprising convergence of several bodies in time and space
Number of players: 9

Out of Bounds Curator: Rachel Peachey

Out of Bounds Artists: Heidi Axlesen and Hugo Moline, Hannah Bath, Chris Carmody, Nick McKinlay, Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig with Sascha Mosig and Jack Mosig

Field Studies Katoomba Showground  Photographs Nick McKinlay

Spending time adrift in play is thoroughly gratifying and critical for perennial well-being. Although they are masters at it, I would argue that play is not the sole realm of children and shouldn’t be abandoned as a past time when we leave childhood. It is a fundamental human activity and can be the foundation of a creative practice. Many of the conditions that link previously unconnected thoughts are precisely those generated by play.

After spending time at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik developing a framework for these ideas, Paul & I felt like it would be fitting to continue this work with a wider group of people in our home setting. The group exhibition is an ideal format for a show about play as the artists ideas bounce off each unpredictably in a way not dissimilar to how we interact when we are playing. Sometimes there is a clear and precise moment when everything makes perfect sense and just as quickly it is gone, lost in a glorious cacophony of the senses.

this / that  Photographic print, 75 x 100cm
Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig

Around 4 years ago, Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig began sporadically collaborating with their children as part of their art practice. This collaboration has taken a more solid form over that time and here for the exhibition, Out of Bounds the process becomes quite explicit as Sascha and Jack’s perspectives of the play experience develop into a distinctive voice in the shared work.

For their contribution to the exhibition, Peachey & Mosig, have extended and localised work establish at ZK/U in Berlin 2016. Did you ask first?, was initially a documentation of a participatory work with adults discussing restrictions put on their play as children. It has now taken shape as an almost overwhelming series of text works, painted on board, which catalogue all of the things Peachey & Mosig ask Sascha and Jack to stop doing or to be careful of doing on a daily basis. Each piece in singularity can be brushed off as necessary in creating a safe environment, however when seen on masse it is easy to imagine why children can feel like no one trusts their judgement in regards to making their own choices.

Several video works are also presented, including straight documentation of various of play experiences, a work that asks the audience to participate in a mildly absurd game of call and response and finally, The art of killing gods, a detailed video collage looking at how one might assemble the built environment if imagination and play were the primary guiding forces.

As part of Out of Bounds, Peachey & Mosig have also created a variant of their ongoing work Parklife. This sculptural based work takes found materials and uses them to create a form based on the archetypes of children playgrounds. In a previous version Parklife Berlin, they used the form of a see-saw and here with Parklife Blue Mountains, Peachey & Mosig use a child’s climbing frame as the basis for the work. These sculptures are inspired by the resourcefulness of adventure playgrounds, however the precarious manner in which they are put together makes them completely inappropriate as actual object for play, which again asks the viewer to examine complicated feelings around safety and the urge to experience new things.

Follow the leader / Single channel video 3:21
Did you ask first?  Oil on board x 140, various sizes
  • Parklife Blue Mountains / Steel, Brass, Cloth, Wood
  • Follow the leader | The art of killing gods / Single channel videos
  • The art of killing gods / Single channel video
  • Parklife Blue Mountains | Rules of the game / Steel, Brass, Cloth, Wood | Single channel video
  • Did you ask first? / Oil on board x 140, various sizes
  • Did you ask first? / Oil on board x 140, various sizes
  • Did you ask first? / Oil on board x 140, various sizes
  • Resting space / Sound, pillow, brass sign
  • Resting space / Sound, pillow, brass sign
  • Blow whistle if you understand / Nickel, brass, string, pencil
The last one standing is it / Single channel video 19:12 with Chris Carmody, Heike Qualitz and Audrey Rose Burden
Out of Bounds Artists

In addition to their viewpoint as artists, Peachey has also taken on the role of artist curator. Using an instinctive approach, she invited Hannah Bath, Chris Carmody, Nick McKinlay, Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline to respond to themes of play, restriction and risk. She was interested in sharing the experience with these artists as much for their approach to work as for their approach to life. She felt a kinship to what she perceived as their openness to engage in the play experience as adults and as artists and therefore felt they would have unique insights to share with their art in it’s own right and as part of the underlying discussion that naturally takes place in a group show.

Heidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline  Autocrat-Automat. The cubby of one rule and many revolutions
  • Hannah Bath / Playing Field (detail), Colour Pencil and Watercolour on Paper, 57 x 75 cm
  • Hannah Bath / Borderlines (detail), Colour Pencil and Watercolour on Paper, 57 x 75 cm
  • Hannah Bath / Duck, Duck, Goose, Colour Pencil and Watercolour on Paper, 57 x 75 cm
  • Nick McKinlay / Rise | Hit | Slide | Jump, Photographic prints, 40.7 x 56cm
  • Nick McKinlay / Slide, Photographic prints, 56 x 40.7cm
  • Chris Carmody / Moon Rocket, Acrylic on Linen, 152 x 122 cm | Layout of small works of oil and acrylic on linen & board
  • Heidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline  / Autocrat-Automat. The cubby of one rule and many revolutions
Out of Bounds  Hugo Moline, Nick McKinlay, Hannah Bath, Paul Mosig, Chris Carmody, Tove, Heidi Axlesen, Rachel Peachey, Sascha Mosig and Jack Mosig