Safe Passage

June - July 2019
Lyttelton Gallery

Dispersed by time
Amulents and talismans are historically revealing about how individuals confronted adversity, misfortune and death. Used for thousands of years as a way to impart strength and dispel fears. In this collection of works we have used rocks, soil and plant matter as physical expressions of different timescales and ecological systems. When feelings of dread surface in the face of individual mortality or ecological collapse from climate change, these object can act as tools to focus on things both within and beyond ourselves and our concerns.


They can provide moments of stillness, however brief to consider ourselves in the vastnesses of geological time and to take faith in the inherent hopefulness and persistence of the garden. These materials not only remind us of our place in a complex system they are made up of elements that may directly effect our well being. Mycobacterium vacate is a bacteria that lives naturally in soil and is being investigated for it’s potential to increase levels of serotonin and decrease levels of anxiety. The soil talisman being a reminder of long held advice that gardening and putting your hands into the earth can ward off feelings of unease and bring a sense of contentment.
The telling of the bees  Silk, ribbon, button, thread, yarrow, borage, fennel, nasturtium
Hold Fast  Giclee print on cotton rag
  • Laid down / Rock, hemp, silk
  • The path back | Laid down / Rock, hemp, silk, metal
  • A moment of happiness | The weight of silence | Laid down / Dirt, thread | Wax, linen, rope, silk map, trim, cloth, thread | Rock, hemp, silk
  • Listening | Within the realm of possibility / Wax, Wood, Clay, Seeds, Leather, Silk, Beads | Metal, Silk, Dirt, Oxalis
  • Carry through | From the ends of the earth / Glass, Potassium permanganate, Ribbon, Dirt, Silk | Rock, ribbon, metal, rust
A moment of happiness  Dirt, thread
  • Field Studies / Lyttleton Garden
  • Field Studies / Lyttleton Garden
  • Field Studies / Lyttleton Garden